Brown bread pizza recipe 

Pizza without microwave…!
Healthy pizza…!
Veg pizza…!
You can name it anything!
You love pizza right ? But you know the fact that it is not that healthy and you can’t eat it everyday. But what if you can eat it at your home, you can make it within 20 mins. Do you have oven at your home ? No? Not a problem at all. I am going to teach you how to make healthy pizza without microwave oven.
The pizza is so delicious that my family loves it and they want me to made it very once in a week. Now we don’t order pizza from outside which contains so many fats. We enjoy it at our home only. I want you to enjoy it too.. You can moderate it according to your choice of vegetables and as per your taste.
Ingredients :
1. Brown bread
2. Oregano ( if  you have this at your home then use otherwise you can use homemade oregano powder which tatse so similar just like oregano. For that dry roast cumin seeds, Ajwain, black pepper, fennel seeds, methi and blend it after roasting. Use this as an oregano.)
3. For pizza sauce, you can either use ready made pizza sauce or you made it too. What I did is I mix tomato sauce,  green chili sauce and vinegar and use it as a pizza sauce. It tastes amazing, trust me)
4. Mozzarella cheese
5. For pizza toppings. ( I use onion, tomatoes, carrot, capsicum and paneer) you can substitute any vegetable as per your taste.
6. Spices :Salt and black pepper
7. 2 teaspoon oil to sauté the veggies.
Direction :
Heat a pan, add oil and let it get hot then add onions and mix it till it get golden color then add all the remaining veggies, mix it and add salt and pepper. Do it on the high flame. It will take 5 minutes only.
For pizza Base. Take a tawa and let it get hot, place a bread on the tawa flip it one time and apply pizza sauce ( mix tomato and green chilly sauce and add little vinegar) to it. Now add veggies and cover it with cheese and then cover it with lid and let the cheese melt on a slow flame. And within 5 minutes it will be ready.
It is so easy to make. And will come out really tasty. I hope you like it. 


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